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Money Shoppe Company (SM) has been funding both the Minority and Non-Minority LGBTQ+ communities and their numerous allies for well over 39 years now we understand the needs are many and we try to assist/help as many as we can, sometime we miss a few or they feel that a more Traditional Commercial Financial Company can assist/help them, like their banks, et al, but 89.9% of the TIME they are 100% WRONG and over time they have "NO" choice but to file for BANKRUPTCY OR A GOING OUT OF BUSINESS NOTICE - sad, but 100% TRUE, just maybe would could have STOPPED the bleeding, but they would rather fail then come to us a minority owned and operated financial business/company, who could have either assisted and/or helped them at least survive the down fall... but lets be very HONEST with each other its SAD, but 100% TRUE that all they see is a person or persons who is/are of color as well as a gay person(s) who knows we just might have been able to ASSIST/HELP them in their time of need(s) and funding/loan(s). By neither or both Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM), the parent company of Money Shoppe Company (SM) that is and are the BEST and very LEGITIMATE in everything we DO, period either way YOU slice it, we got YOU when YOU need us the most, but, if not NEXT, we ONLY Assist/Help those who need us...we force NO ONE - EVER, thats "NOT" who we are, period.

  • He Got the whole World in His Hands

    Knowing that times are HARD and YOU are STRESSED OUT over "the" whats next, such as Taxes, Payroll, et al and YOUR only move is to set out a venture toward YOUR Traditional Funding, such as YOUR Commercial Bank, et al - ONLY to hear them say "NO!" and YOU sit there scratching YOUR head on why? When YOU have made a number of deposits with this bank and all YOU get is a HARD N-O, no concerning the MONEY YOU will need to stay afloat and yet its a "NO!"...SAD, BUT 100% TRUE, but just maybe we at Money Shoppe Company (SM) can assist/help YOU and say "YES!" to the FUNDING - but YOU will NEVER know until YOU REACH OUT TO US FOR ASSISTANT/HELP.

  • Money Is Money in any Language and NEVER make Color or Sexuality a factor - EVER!

    Money Shoppe Company (SM) is a FULL TIME Alternative Commercial Financial Company, that is 100% Minority and Gay Owned and Operated we are a very interesting and UNIQUE type of Alternative Finance Company, we are a very legitimate financial service company doing business within the entire USA, Canada and parts of Mexico...WE ARE "NOT" YOUR TRADITIONAL FINANCIAL COMPANY SUCH AS YOUR BANK, ET AL, nor are we a Payday Loan Company, period...we first started our finance company type of business we over 35 years ago in Atlanta, GA, now in the State of we are a PRODUCT OF BLACK WALLSTREET and we feel the Up's and Down's of those who DO NOT wish to do business with us based on the wording of "BLACKWALL STREET" sorry, but its 100% TRUE this company and myself are who we are and we hope YOU join us. Understand we as noted in this article OUR first baby was "FACTORING" and we at Money Shoppe Company (SM) got very good at it so we decided to do other things in the Alternative Commercial Financial Market and over the years we got BETTER and BETTER at if YOU TRUST someone other than us to handle YOUR Small Business Finances go for it, if they CAN'T help...YOU can come back to us and let us take over were they left off and JUST maybe we can do what they can't - WE ARE WAITING.

  • Money and YOUR Castle are One in the same.

    Look we at Money Shoppe Company (SM) can only say, we are with YOU when YOU need us. Now any STEPS FORWARD,YOU DECIDE TO TAKE IS, ON YOU - but understand we @ Money Shoppe Company (SM) are EXPERTS at handling those within the Minority and LGBTQ+ Communities, since 90% of us are from there and so we understand the Hardships of the Up's , as well as the Down's of being who and what we are Str8 or Gay, Black, Brown or White we are in this TOGETHER so, WE GOT THIS.

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  • When YOU feel that YOU can turn to "NO ONE" for any help or assistance, just maybe we at Money Shoppe Company (SM) can and 90% of the time will be able to assist/help YOU get whatever YOU need to help YOU and YOURS Business(es) stay afloat.

    Money Shoppe Company (SM) the Alternative Commercial Financial Company people that get the J-O-B, job done and done right the first time around, if "NOT" we will do it again this time for 100% FREE - SO CALL AN EXPERT TO GET THE FUNDING YOU NEED.

  • The Signs of CASH MONEY

    Money Shoppe Company (SM) is the Sole Factor in the FACTORING ARENA, yes we are that GOOD, but we ONLY help/assist those who request our services and most BUSINESSES are in need of HARD CASH FUNDING and we do that type of funding too...but FACTORING is also on the table if YOU need it as whatever YOU need we got YOU.

  • Funding In Canada...Is NOW Here from Money Shoppe Company (SM)

    Now, that we can assist/help those in CANADA with what we do we are 100% READY, but with reserve, now the only DRAWBACK is that everything we do is by EMAIL, FAXING, and ONLINE - YES, its 100% SECURE and SAFE, but WE ARE NOT YOUR TRADITIONAL TYPE OF FUNDING COMPANY, SUCH AS YOUR BANK, ET AL, so YOU will need to STOP whatever YOU are doing because WE ARE AGAIN NOT YOUR TRADITIONAL TYPE OF FINANCIAL COMPANY, NOR ARE WE A BANK, ET AL, PERIOD. But if YOU are interested in what we are about, PLEASE EMAIL US @ and we will reply back to YOU in less than 72 hours, again sometomes in less times. Thank you and we will await YOUR REPLY, if any.

  • Alternative Financing the USA Way and More.

    Now everyday in business of both the minority and LGBTQ+ type is one (1) of the hardest to operate due to the seen and unseen hatred, as well as prejudice that has a very deep root in History, but rest assure. that we at Money Shoppe Company (SM) will try to take some of the MONEY WORRIES from YOU such as Taxes, Payroll, Some forms of Bookkeeping, et al - we have become an EXPERT over the years, over 35 years to say the lest when it comes to both the Minority and LGBTQ+ communities over the years we have seen many claim they can HELP or even assist, but they DON'T and YOU have "NO" choice but to file for Charter 11 Bankruptcy and YOU become STRESSED OUT, but just maybe we can HELP/ASSIST YOU to the point of keeping YOU from filing Bankruptcy or loosing YOUR Business(es) YOU worked HARD at Money Shoppe Company (SM) is "NOT" the only company like ourself, but we are the very BEST AT WHATEVER WE DO - CONCERNING THE ALTERNATIVE FINANCIAL FIELD, just sayin'...but the clock is ticking, and time is RUNNIN' OUT, we are ready when YOU are, leave us an EMAIL @ and/or leave us YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION on the website so listed in this website page - WE ARE READY WHEN YOU ARE.

  • Funding For the Real Estate Market - Is NOW Here & More

    Those interested in the REAL ESTATE MARKET are finding it harder and harder to find the type of funding for their INTERESTING Market, but we have become an EXPERT within this area when concerning both the Minority and LGBTQ+ Communities and their numerous Allies, we have had a few clients come to us thinking WE ARE SOME FORM OF MORTGAGE COMPANY OR BANK, ET AL we are "NOT", nor do we try to pretend that we are, because we are "NOT" a Traditional Financial Company, period, nor are we a PAYDAY LOAN COMPANY, either, but we are an Alternative Commercial Financial Company, doing business as such, while others will say "NO!" to YOUR Project we at Money Shoppe Company (SM) will say "YES!" about 99.9% of the times, from a mere $USD 250,000.00 up to as high as $USD 9.5 Billion, sometimes more, but MOST, if not all Realtors have those they work with and most of the times they get a "YES!", but that is RARE during these times, but NOT for us at Money Shoppe Company (SM) - WE ARE READY WHEN YOU ARE.

  • Student Loans and More the Money Shoppe Company (SM) Way

    Now back in the days Traditional Financial Companies, like YOUR Banks, Credit Unions, et al were willing to give out loans for Students, in most cases that is still valid, but not in all most Traditional Financial Companies are requiring that YOU have good to great FICA Score, that is "NOT" the case with us, we offer two (2) types of Student Funding, one being a NON-REPAYMENT BACK PLAN for those within the LGBTQ+ Communities, as well as Minority Communties and their Colleges ONLY...up to $USD 350,000.00, now the other program is a more REPAYMENT PLAN OVER TIME, with NO INTEREST, PERIOD this program will ONLY be available within the Money Shoppe Company (SM) and its PARTNERS on 7/15/22 @ 12noon (MST).

  • When YOU have what YOU need the Stress is GONE and the SMILING BEGINS when YOU use the services of Money Shoppe Company (SM).

    Money Shoppe Company (SM) is the Alternative Commercial Financial Company - that is the ENTREPRENUER RISK TAKER TYPE OF FINANCIAL COMPANY so what are YOU waiting for!

  • The Faxing way for the Tomorrow BUSINESS

    Money Shoppe Company (SM) is venturing forward into the future of ONLINE Commercial we offer Startup Funding, LBO's, MCA's, Leasing, Auto Funding, Real Estate Project Funding and more way more...understand when other tell you "NO!" we will 99.9% of the time say "YES!" YOU first will need to go to the NU/NEW Website @ and search for the faxing number, if YOU are unable to FIND IT said fax number is 719-325-7056 , this number is 100% SAFE AND SECURED, but DO NOT SEND ANY CONFIDENTAL INFORMATION NOT REQUIRED FOR ANY TYPE OF FUNDING BY FAX OR EMAIL, PERIOD, all we require is YOUR FAX NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS and the AMOUNT OF THE FUNDING/LOAN any and all such other information will be asked for by EXPRESS MAIL ONLY (AT OUR COST, NOT YOURS) such as YOUR SSN, or DOB, et al, and 50% of the time we are NOT in need of that INFORMATION, but like we said if we at Money Shoppe Co (SM) are in need of it we don't have any issues asking for such by EXPRESS MAIL, again, AT OUR COST, NOT YOURS, PERIOD.

Money Shoppe Company (SM) YOUR Next Step Forward.

We are about the Money and YOUR SECCESS, PERIOD.

When life is about the many UP's, as well as Down's just maybe we at Money Shoppe Company (SM) has the answer to YOUR question and just maybe we can assist, as well as help YOU on this, but YOU first must understand that WE ARE "NOT" A BANK OR MORTGAGE COMPANY OR EVEN A CREDIT UNION, we are an Alternative Commercial Financial Company wo ONLY job is to ensure that whatever we do is the BEST possible.

Money Shoppe Company (SM) - WE FIND U MONEY U NEED

The News Is Out About Money Shoppe Company (SM)

If Money Shoppe Company (SM) can't find YOU what YOU need in commercial financing just maybe another type of funding might work for YOU and YOUR business(es) - EITHER WAY WE GOT YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS(ES).

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The Game of Money has Changed! Here are the New Rules! ( WE DO NOT OWN, NOR CONTROL THE COPYRIGHTS TO THIS VIDEO - ENJOY IT)

Money Shoppe Co (SM) Fact(s) Factor & More

Now the FACTS about YOU and FUNDING the Short List of the (1%) One Percenters who may "NOT" be approved of a Loan(s) or any type of Funding with us at Money Shoppe Company (SM) now that doesn't mean we give up...its just a SMALL SET BACK, but the TRUE FACTOR is that if we @ Money Shoppe Company (SM) can't get YOU YOUR funding YOU are out for now for that side of what we do, but we at Money Shoppe Company (SM) do other things concerning Alternative Financing, but if a Loan or some other form of Cash Funding DOESN'T work, we may suggest FACTORING and/or MCA's for YOUR Business and if YOU agree...such will be fully explained to YOU prior to enter into any AGREEMENT with us and/or anyone.

Auto Financing @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) Is NOW HERE!

Money Shoppe Company (SM) and its sister company, S&S Funding Company (TM) is offering it Seniors, VETS, as well as LOW INCOME Clients both Old and NU/NEW NON-REPAYMENT AUTO LOANS/FUNDING SERVICES in the entire USA and Canada ONLY, this program is very limited and will ONLY be offered by both of the Alternative Financial Companies and the ONLY Dealers or Dealerships allowed that we will honor are those that have been approved by us and/or parent company, Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM), if such has NOT been approved prior to such sell of any auto, said loan/funding will "NOT" be approved by us...those that are INTERESTED in being an APPROVED DEALERSHIP please forward us an EMAIL @ and YOU will be getting a REPLY from us within 48 hours or less, 9x out of ten the LESS IS A FACTOR IN OUR REPLYS ( this program is NOT Setup yet to date, but will be up and in full OPERATIONS on the first Ten (10) Dealerships in CO, CA, NM, NY, GA and in Canada. Now once the minimum approval of Dealership(s) are set up the program will begin...if the program is NOT set up by 9/30/22 this POST will be removed and the Program will NOT START, PERIOD.