Before YOU buy a Car/Truck...READ THIS FIRST!

Before YOU buy a Car/Truck...READ THIS FIRST!

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Before YOU BUY? READ THIS it just might HELP.





Unlike buying a House/Home, whose value increases over time, buying a NU/NEW Car/Truck is "NOT" an Investment. The instant YOU drive it off the LOT, YOUR car's/Truck's value drops by about 10%. For this reason, think HARD about sinking YOUR valuable SAVINGS into an expensive NU/NEW Car/Truck.





When YOU need a NU/NEW set of wheels, YOU have to make TWO (2) Major decisions: one being either to Buy or to Lease, and to choose NU/NEW or Cert. Used. If YOU'RE the type who TRADES in YOUR car/truck every couple of YEARS, go with a LEASE. Here YOU PAY a portion of what the car/truck costs with each lease payment. At the END of the lease YOU return the car/truck and owe NOTHING, or YOU can buy the car/truck. But if YOU intend to keep a car/truck for more than a few years, drive more than 25,000 miles a year, and have enough money for the DOWN PAYMENT, buying is YOUR BEST BET.

And just maybe YOU decide to go with us @ Money Shoppe Company (SM), but if not that is COOL TOO.











If YOU really want to SAVE, BUY or LEASE A SOLID CERT. USED CAR/TRUCK that's two (2) or three (3) years old. With a Cert. USED Car/Truck, the Down Payment, Monthly Payments, and insurance are LESS than for a NU/NEW Car/Truck, often substantially LESS. If the pre-owned CAR/TRUCK is Certified by the Manufacturer, it come with a Warranty.

It is always a very GOOD THING to ASK for a Car Fax (R) from a Car/Truck Dealer, if such is "NOT" available BUYER BEWARE, such just might be a LEMON, et al, now whether YOU buy or lease, YOU can SAVE LOADS if YOU NEGOTIATE the PRICE. Know that the sticker price DOES NOT REFLECT WHAT THE CAR/TRUCK and its options really cost the dealer. YOU can  investigate on-line to find out the TRUE COSTS, we @ Money Shoppe Company (SM) assist YOU on this matter for 100% FREE and "NO" YOU are NOT required to USE us, period, its just a service we offer of such services to EVERYONE who are needs of it, but if YOU are requiring the services of a CERTIFIED MECHANIC, that part is "NOT" FREE, and YOU just have to pay a mere cost of $USD 100.00, for this SERVICE yet, we do the rest, promised and we will put that in WRITING and More.

Once YOU decide which make, model, and options YOU like, and YOU learn their  TRUE costs, call around to dealers and start the bidding BE FRANK ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE DOING, but don't mention REBATES OR TRADE-INS until YOU negotiate a FINAL COST FOR THE CAR/TRUCK YOU want. If a dealer doesn't cooperate, that dealer is out of the running.





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