Employment for Minorities, VETS and LGBTQ+'s and More

Employment for Minorities, VETS and LGBTQ+'s and More

Money Shoppe Co (SM) is lookin' 4 just "NOT" only a few GOOD Men or Women, but those that are Special and Unique or was a Girl Scout(TM) or Eagle Scout(TM), part of the U.S. Military, who was Honorable Discharged/or a Medical Honorable Discharged ( a DD214 and/or DD215 or both are Required prior to consideration of employment, et al/etc. ) please FAX Us @ 1 - 833 - 219 - 5859, YOUR Resume and such MUST have YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS or contact telephone number(s) ( this Number could change after 03/03/21, check this WEBSITE for up to date FAX NUMBER ) .




Just know that Money Shoppe Co (SM) is a FULL SERVICE B2B Financial Company doing business ONLY in the Entire U.S.A Only and is very Legitimate, but offer its JOB(S) that pay both Commissions , as well as Salaries - that include FULL BENEFITS, such as Medical, Dental, etc.




Now YOU do work for Us @ Money Shoppe Co (SM), but by numerous I.R.S. Regulations, et al YOU are a 1099 type of Contract Worker, NOT AN ACTUAL EMPLOYEE(S), this is NOT what YOU are looking for, PLEASE understand - THANK YOU for the time, We hope YOU find the JOB YOU are look for.








We Do OFFER A SIGN UP BONUS of $USD 3,500.00 AND UP ( to those that qualify ) ...We DO PROVIDE YOU ALL THE REQUIRED EQUIPMENT, AT OUR EXPENSE, BUT SHALL AND MUST BE RETURNED TO US FOR ANY REASON(S) ( SEE YOUR AGREEMENT FOR MORE INFORMATION CONCERNING THIS MATTER @ HAND ). Also, We @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) DO NOT @ anytime Require any payment(s) for employment or any information concerning this company, nor DO we offer any listing of EMPLOYMENT outside of any company so listed on this WEBSITE - EVER, remember if its from Money Shoppe Co (SM) its 100% FREE, and We stand by that!?.










Now 99.9% of ALL WORK @ HOME Commission Job(s) are from legitimate type companies, like Money Shoppe Company (SM) and its parent company, Best Buy Financial Services Company(TM)...come on now lets be very HONEST there are a few companies, as well as individuals who have NOTHING more on their minds than too SCAM or CON YOU and/or YOURS OUT OF YOUR MONEY, but be smarter than the average bear, play their game(s) without costing YOU any MONEY , just YOUR TIME AND EFFORT(S) by VETTING THEM FIRST with YOUR LOCAL BBB Office and the local authorities...NOW WORKING @ HOME is and in 99.9% of the cases are actual REAL EMPLOYMENT, the only different is that YOU are "NOT" an actual EMPLOYEE of the Company(ies), YOU by the U.S. IRS Office are what is a Contract Worker(s) or a 1099's - in other word(s) YOU are required to report YOUR income(s) to the IRS, not the said Company(ies) that Hired YOU under CONTRACT or AGREEMENT ( before YOU sign anything consult an attorney or two first ).

In a Word of Advice, if it sounds - too go to be TRUE, it just might be, but HONESTLY its "NOT" always TRUE...so too find out consult with YOUR local BBB Office first and ask them too look into it...prior to YOUR acceptance of the same...and if they REQUIRE some form of payment(s) - RUN AS FAST, AS YOU CAN, IT'S A SCAM/CON, they should pay YOU, "NOT" the other way around.

Now a TRUE COMMISSION job, is quite HONEST is "NOT" easy work, nor is it DOOR - TO - DOOR, anymore, or at least "NOT" with Us @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) We Set - Up any and all appointment(s), at which We do VET YOU with the Local and Washington, DC FBI Office(s), as well as International authorities prior too going to any person(s) or business(es) address(es) and We will DM YOU, the information once set - in YOUR area/state...this type of WORK is "NOT" for everyone, so please understand if YOU are "NOT" interested in WORKING from home, please DO NOT CONTACT, Money Shoppe Co (SM), since that is what We DO here.










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