Financial Matters and B2B Money(ies) and Personal Loans and Real Estate Funding O' A NU/NEW Kind!?.

Financial Matters and B2B Money(ies) and Personal Loans and Real Estate Funding O' A NU/NEW Kind!?.

Money Shoppe Company (SM)

Its Everyday YOU hear about the Economy going UP, and JOBS are coming back, but wait a minute, some industry are trying to HIRE, but NO ONE is trying to come back and its "NOT" for them "NOT" trying, its DUE to the fact that they cannot get DAYCARE service(s), et al for their kids to say the least and get off President J. Biden's Back...he did his part and yet, he is still there - the other guy didn't do a thing but lie and lie some MORE, so if YOU have nothing nice to say just SHUT UP, for REAL he can't say it but I can and I am a REAL BIT*H, not to mention I am QUEER and of COLOR/BLACK...Now I know that President J. Biden has made a few MISTAKES, but he has DONE so much LETS have his BACK.

Back to the issue of Money, now as NOTED the ECONOMY is UP and so are jobs, so if Money Shoppe Co (SM) can for a very limited time We will OFFER NON - INTEREST FUNDING to any and all companies that hire its employees back We @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) will offer them NON INTEREST FUNDING for Daycare Services, et al. but they must be within our frame work, such as LGBTQ+ and/or Minority Owned Companies or both 2 qualify, if "NOT" We cannot assist you, but maybe We can forward YOUR information to those who can assist and help YOU.

It should be so NOTED that We are "NOT" YOUR typical type of Commercial or Banking Company, WE ARE THE OTHER GUYS/GIRLS and We @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) are very legitimate and very HONEST - We have been doing finance since 1984, SO HOW CAN WE HELP YOU!

Now Money Shoppe Co (SM) can and will Assist/Help LGBTQ+ and Minority Adult Companies, as well as those that are "NOT" in that type of industry...the other industry We talk about so much is the REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY, now We are "NOT" a MORTGAGE COMPANY, but We will finance REAL ESTATE projects up to $USD 6.5 billion, as long as they are either in the ENTIRE USA, CANADA, UK or MEXICO, if "NOT" in the so mentioned countries WE @ MONEY SHOPPE CO (SM) CANNOT ASSIST/HELP...PERIOD, if interested PLEASE fax Us @ 1-844-497-1762 or go to the Website @ and put-in YOUR companies EMAIL ADDRESS and someone will get back to YOU within 48 to 72 (MST) Hours.

We do VET any and ALL Funding Applications, just 2 make sure they are "NOT" a SCAN/CON - also, Money Shoppe Co (SM) DO NOT HAVE A PRE-PAYMENT OR FEES/COSTS SYSTEM, period!

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