Money 4 tha' Holidays is Coming 2 a Town Near U and its FREE MONEY, and More!?.

Money 4 tha' Holidays is Coming 2 a Town Near U and its FREE MONEY, and More!?.


Its "NOT" the BEST Time, but its the most REAL TIME somewhat of a Wake Up call for Us with the Working Situation Currently At Hand, with the COVID - 19 Pandemic, et the worries of having another HEADACHE on YOUR SHOULDER concerning the UPCOMING HOLIDAY SEASONS such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, et al and YOU wonder wear is this MONEY going to come from...We @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) and its Parent Company, Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) just might have the ANSWER for YOU?.






We have a Program for those who have USED Us in the PAST Five (5) years YOU can request up to $USD 10,000.00, that is NON-RECOURSE TRANSACTION which means their are NO RISK TO YOU THE CLIENT, NOR IS THERE A REPAY OF THE LOAN - EVER, it like 100% FREE MONEY...again the ONLY drawback is that the MONEY is for those within the LGBTQ+ AND LGBTQ+ Minority Communities ONLY, also this Program is also available to those that are Certified Allies of those within the LGBTQ+ Communities, and just claiming that is actual "NOT" proof to Us We will require ACTAUL PROOF.

Those that are Interested MUST FAX Us @ Money Shoppe Company(SM) YOUR FULL BIRTH NAME and/or YOUR Stage Name/Tran Name is also Acceptable as legal YOU must include the state YOU Live In, We DO NOT OFFER THIS PROGRAM IN THE FOLLOWING STATES, TX, MN, UT, OH, FL, AZ, MS,  and TN and also YOU Most include YOUR FULL Date of Birth, and the Last four (4) of YOUR Social Sec. Card ( DO NOT SEND OR FAX US COPIES - EVER WE DON'T REQUIRE THEM - EVER ), YOU must also include the amount so needed. PLEASE also include YOUR Valid EMAIL ADDRESS so that WE CAN FORWARD YOU THE REQUIRED FORMS YOU MUST COMPLETE CONCERNING THIS FUNDING - also, We are "NOT" any form of Mortgage Company, Bank, or Credit Union - SO THIS IS NOT YOUR TRADITIONAL TYPE OF LOAN THAT REQUIRE SOME FORM OF COLLATERAL, NOR DO WE REQUIRE ANY ADVACE FEES OR COSTS CONCERNING THIS PROGRAM.

The Company Fax Number is a TOLL FREE NUMBER and is OPEN 24/7/365 so if YOU are SERIOUS, as We are DO THIS NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE...the number is 1-844-438-5794.

Now in the Right Hand Corner YOU will Need to place the actual Company Name on the Fax(ed) Document(s) - MONEY SHOPPE COMPANY (SM) and its FULL MAILING ADDRESS ( which is as listed ): 140 West 29th Street, Pueblo, CO 81008 ( this is NOT a walk-in business ).

We Have been in Business for well over 30 Years doing this type of finance (ing) for the LGBTQ+ Communities, that includes both the Trans and LGBTQ+ Minority Communities as well and We are listed with the Local BBB Office in Southern Colorado.















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