Money, Business and YOU...its "NOT" E-Z, but U can do it and More

Money, Business and YOU...its "NOT" E-Z, but U can do it and More

Money Shoppe Company (SM)

Its now 2021, and this time is very different than it was for YOUR parents or their parents...the PANDEMIC/COVID -19 its a KILLER TO THE ECONOMY, as well as LIFE, but it make the STRONG WEAK, but in REAL LIFE, those that are WEAK are really the STRONG ONES, for they have seen the DARKEST O' DAYS, and they know of the HARDSHIPS that are upon US with the assistant of Money Shoppe Co (SM), they know they have a GREAT ALLY AND PARTNER who will "NOT" let them down - ever, they understand the world of FINANCE, be it E-Z or COMPLEX, no matter - Money Shoppe Co (SM) got this.

Most People who come to Us see Us as some form of Traditional Commercial Financial Company, like a Bank or Mortgage Company, either one, WE ARE NOT THEM, NOR ARE WE A BANK OR MORTGAGE COMPANY, but in FACT(S) We @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) can do 99.9 % of the things that, they DO without any of the HASSLES...Most of OUR Clients have asked Us to DO MIRACLES...and 90 % of the time We do just that...not to toot OUR own horn!?.




Many feel that they are afraid of "NOT" being able to afford OUR Services or payback the obligation, in most cases that is 100% TRUE, but Money Shoppe Co (SM) has a Program made for the Small Business Person(s) in mind, who falls on HARD TIMES, that We @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) will make the payments for YOU up to $USD 3,500.00/mo. for Six (6) months, just to keep YOU current ( please understand YOU will have to RE-PAY this back w/o any interest, plus YOU have up to ten (10) years to RE-PAY Us back from the first date of payment(s) by Us @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) )... everyday We experience the FACT(S) of being who and what We are - WE ARE A REAL GMO, IN OTHER WORDS WE ARE A VERY PROUD GAY MINORITY OWNED BUSINESS, We @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) have been doing what We do since 1984 - and it looks like We are not going too STOP anytime soon.


We are a very legitimate company doing business for those who are OUR community, in part, as well as whole...YES that includes our ALLIES...the ONLY drawback to what We do is the simple fact(s) of those BILLION DOLLAR CORPORATIONS who feed off of the fact of the LGBTQ+ and Minority communities, when they claim that they are with Us, or they believe in Us, that is PURE TEE - BULLSH*T, they give Us, as well as OUR communities or businesses a mere DROP in the bucket, while they give OUR WHITE Counterparts BILLIONS...yet like GMC, gave Us a mere lets say $USD 10 Million dollars, while they spent Billions with White companies, that is "NOT" right one if those of color and/or LGBTQ+'s are spending funds with YOU and ALL YOU can offer them is a mere DROP N' YOUR FUNDS, don't DO IT...I feel that those who purchase from YOU should just BOYCOTT YOU... since YOU just like to play them and JUST BUSINESS...YOU will take there MONEY, but, all YOU DO IS TALK THE TALK. and NEVER WALK THE WALK...YOU GUYS/GIRLS are like a POLITICIAN  who are made those at MONEY SHOPPE CO (SM) Is more than the liars...We @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) will do whatever is LEGAL to do YOU JUSTICE and RIGHT.



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