Money, Financing, JUNETEENTH and Country Singing Stars Have In Common.

Money, Financing, JUNETEENTH and Country Singing Stars Have In Common.

Money Shoppe Company (SM)

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Is The Alternative Financial Sources and is very UNIQUE in what it does








Now Country Music is very ODD to me as the Owner and CEO of Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) and Money Shoppe Company (SM) one of it wholly owned baby companies is both the Money and Financial parts of the company, but as an OPENLY QUEER and BLACK man country music is the LAST bit O' music YOU think that I would listen to...but for well over 39.5 years I have been involved in the Money Part of my life, and when it comes music all I know is Soul and R&B, and a little bit of Hip Hop/Rap - I do enjoy very good music, and the RADIO seem to have the favor I like Magic 98.9 just to name a very COOL ASS Radio station.

But lately I have been listening to Dolly, and Billy Ray Cyrus, Garth Brooks, as well as Tim McGuire there are a few more...but I really started liking country music with a soulful beat mixed in when I heard it - Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus singing, Old Town Road it was unique and Fresh/Hip as hell I loved it "NOT" because Lil Nas X is GAY and African - American, it helps but is NOT required especially if it country - something I don't listen to, period. But, I was working on an Article concerning Money Shoppe Co (SM) and Financing so, I wasn't paying much attention to the RADIO and what was playing, but this song came on and it was called "OLD TOWN ROAD" and the guy singing it was this NEWCOMER Lil Nas X at first I thought its was going to be LAME AS HELL, but it wasn't, it was quite which I STOP writing the article and started to JAM to this Country Beat (with a soulful beat mixed in) and I loved it so much I started to PURCHASE everything that was part of Lil Nas X, Bill Ray Cyrus, Dolly P, Loretta Lynn, Willie Nelson, Ms. COOL ASS Shania Twain, Wynonna Judd and Barbara Mandrell, just to name a few.





Now to be quite honest most people of COLOR DO NOT THINK ABOUT HEY LETS LIST TO SOME COUNTRY, it just NOT part of who we are, because if I am being HONEST, it was WHITE PEOPLE MUSIC and for RACIST, so we stayed away from it. But a few people I know of and with my Profession have lent me some of their Country Tunes, honesty I do like some, others are just sound too country, in other word they sound too WHITE, now I understand that T. Swift is WHITE, but when this Young Lady sing its like this Black Queer Jew is swept up in HER VOICE OF A WHITE ANGEL, and she is awesome and way cool, but this biracial country guy called Kane Brown is okay, but I really have never heard his music, but I'm told its really COOL, so I am hoping to hear it on the RADIO after I hear him I will buy a few of his CD's, but not until I hear him first.

Now, Does Country Music and Money go together, I would say they DO, as does some Soul and R&B Songs they just make a person(s) feel good and he or she wishes to invest and/or spend money (I would not recommend it unless YOU spend YOUR money first paying ALL YOURS BILLS, such as YOUR Rent, Mortgage, Cell Phone Bill, Landline Phone Bill, if YOU have One, Food, etc). So, if YOU like/love Music, YOU are going to like Country Music, at least some of it, Honey, Willie Nelson maybe Mature in age, his music is like TIMELESS, as is Dolly P and Wynonna Judd and Barbara Mandrell and they are a sound that is WHITE N' NATURE, but some of it has some form of R&B/JAZZ PAST, but it just could be me! So, if YOU are serious about YOUR Money, try this on for SIZE, first go to YOUTUBE(R) and download some of the FREE VIDEOS of these Country Stars, they are Old, but some of the sounds are like NU/NEW and Honey, if this QUEER BLACK JEWISH MAN can Dance and Kick to this SH*T,.

so can YOU Guys and Girls.





Now, Money and Investments are Money Shoppe Company (SM) favor, its what we do, but sometimes music can WORK ITS MAGIC and YOU will become RELAXED and YOU will feel that what is in front of YOU is JUST and it will encourage YOU to Invest, if "NOT" that is COOL too but, if NOTHING let YOUR Truth Guide YOU...Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) and Money Shoppe Company (SM) are both a GMO, which stand for Gay Minority Owned and Operated Company and this is what is REAL to the Owner/CEO of Best Buy Financial Company (TM), et al, but what is right for me may not be right for YOU and/or others, so again follow YOU truth, not mine, JUST SAYIN' and HELL "NO" this is "NOT" any type of ENDORSEMENT, it just my OPINION...NOTHING I a Country Fan - that is a very easy HARD "N-O, no", but I do like some Country Music but in very small DOSES.


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