Money Shoppe Co (SM) " JUST SAYING "!?.

Money Shoppe Co (SM) " JUST SAYING "!?.


Money Shoppe Co (SM)

Would like to "THANK" President Joe Biden, and its been a very LONG time since I said that. Since in my OPINION We have "NOT" had a REAL President until now.

Now, the Recue Plan for the

American People DEMS, INDS, as well as GOP/REPS are going to be HELPED...thank matter this Country no MATTER WHAT is and will always be GREAT to Me and my business(es)...this is a very SHORT but sweet message - JUST TO SAY THANK YOU and YOU ROCK 4 REAL, as does VP HARRIS.

Now Money Shoppe Co (SM) will always speak its MIND GOOD or BAD, but it will always be JUST and the FACTS will and shall be checked and RECHECKED before we publish it, but it should be NOTED, now TMZ(R) LIVE does what, I and some within the company(ies) are thinking today or whenever, but they have a track record of being FACTUAL and HONEST, yes they have OPINIONS some COOL, while others "NOT" but hey they are TRUE JOURNALIST in the end...and that is the reason I and others watch...yet this FOX NEWS is worthless to me, their comments are "NOT" NEWS worth...PERIOD, they are RACIST and if I am WRONG, I am sure they will either forward to me and/or this company's legal team a letter of intent to sue...We will fight this and since they fill they are PROTECTED under the U.S. Const. they are NOT, but they are protect under the U.S. Const. if such is FACTUAL NEWS or BOGUS - BULLSH* YOU be the JUDGE on who YOU hear for NEWS.

But if YOU are in need of MONEY We @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) got YOU and YOURS.

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