The PICTURE above is just a simple reminder to ALWAYS follow YOUR Dreams of Success, even if it starts with a PAINFUL FAILURE, any and all entrepreneur(s) are RISK takers and can confess that they too had a number of FAILURES, but that NEVER STOPPED THEM, for in the Dark is the Light as well as True Success, as well as TRUE Profits.

Now we at Money Shoppe Company (SM) can assist, as well as help YOU when YOU need us, but most feel that we are a Bank and/or something like them, that part is far from the TRUTH we are N-O, no Bank(s), et al, nor anything like one or them - we are the Alternative to what the are and that PART we at Money Shoppe Company (SM) is/are proud of - some feel that we cannot give them what they need, due to the simple fact we are "NOT" a bank and that is SO FAR FROM BEING TRUE, IT HURTS, but that is ones opinion...we can offer YOU the same type of deals they offered YOU, just on a very different level, but we got YOU at every LEVEL, if YOU will allow us to take this JOURNEY with YOU - from beginning to end, by doing so YOU just might be amazed at what we can do for YOU.

Everything we do is very SECURE, as the sign states, also a number of many parties assume we have some form of UPFRONT FEES/COSTS for the services and/or products we offer, that is NOT TRUE, what is true we DO HAVE A FEE/COST, but such is applied to YOUR BILL after what we are required to do for YOU, such as get YOU APPROVED for any said Funding/Loans and only than will YOU get a bill from us OUTLINING what is due us, NEVER before hand - since We have done nothing for YOU but talk to YOU about what could happen, not what has happened, period. Here is an FYI for YOU when doing business with us, as well as others:


1. Always remember that any information that is 100% confidential  with us and others 99.9%, if not 100% of the time stay that way...and is NEVER shared, nor sold without YOUR consent, nor knowledge, if such is stolen we will inform YOU of such immediately, but understand YOUR information is SECURED with us, period - YOU are our TOP PRIORITY AS OUR CLIENT BOTH OLD AND NU/NEW SO REST ASSURE WE ARE HARD AT WORK 24/7/365 ON THIS AND MORE.


2. NEVER, give out any sensitive, nor confidential information over the phone, online, etc. any company(ies) who have contacted YOU NEVER need to ask this of YOU, since they called YOU they should already have this information, they have means and ways to Call YOU, and/or reach YOU ONLINE, yet they don't have the basic Sensitive/Confidential information...either HANG UP Immediately and contact YOUR local BBB Office, as well as authorities, YOU are being SCAMMED or better yet turn the table on them and ask them for a contact number and their name, as well as their supervisors name, and the name of the company and YOU HANG UP, NOW and YOU will call them back and 99.9% of the time they will hang up first but all cellphone(s) record the last contact number, give what YOU have to YOUR local authorities concerning this matter...if YOU are a person of color and YOU don't care for, nor trust YOUR local Police contact YOUR local NAACP (R) Office they maybe able to help YOU, but if YOU happen to be Queer, contact either HRC (R) or The Trevor Project Org. (R) they also maybe able to assist/help YOU concerning this Matter @ Hand.

We can and will do what ever we can to get YOU the funding/loans that YOU need to be successful in life, as well as in business and we have a very good track record of doing just that...getting the job done for YOU within a reasonable time frame, since what we do is ONLINE ONLY, but we are the choice for most TRUE ENTREPERNEURS WHO ENJOY THE PURSUIT FOR SOMEONE TO BELIEVE IN THEM AND THEIR DREAMS, that is us at Money Shoppe Company (SM), from as low as $USD 200,000 up to the $$$ multi-billions, so the actual call is YOURS and YOURS when opportunity knocks do YOU answer it.

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