Success, Money, Bitcoins, and U...Read this and know REAL Independence!!!???...

Success, Money, Bitcoins, and U...Read this and know REAL Independence!!!???...

Money Shoppe Co (SM)





Has just one, sometimes more GOALS  OF SUCCESS AND MORE it's OUR JOB. It is just April, 2021, soon to be May, 2021 and in some cases being stuck at home is getting OVER PLAYED... so NOW is the TIME to RETHINK U and were U - R this time...when more and more companies are working from home...but hey, they are STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS, just those who are employed with them are working from first it was way cool, but its been well over a YEAR now, and some people are going MAD, some even thinking about D-I-V-O-R-C-E, divorce and that is "NOT" COOL, but somewhat understandable - first TALK to each other in a very kind way and get out some, even if it just to walk the DOG OR CAT, do this for an HOUR OR MORE, if U have kid(s), if they are over Four (4) years old, just an HOUR WALK will do, if under Four (4) make the walk shorter, like 25 - 30 minutes.

Also, work time should be ONLY from 9 am to 6 pm ONLY, after that its time for U and the Family, remember those that LOVE U need U to be there with them, NOT at work, even if U are at HOME WORKING, but if its only U and the Wife or Husband or Lifepartner, RELAX and ORDER OUT, if U have the FUNDS, if "NOT" cook a very light meal, like popcorn, et al AND WATCH A MOVIE or whatever hits YOUR fancy.





Money Shoppe Co (SM) has been doing the B2B Commercial Financial thing since 1984...and 80% of those that are under some form of agreement with Us is by numerous laws, are a 1099 with a simple twist, like having full benefits and some insurance, as well as other BONUSES...some even think that being a 1099 for Money Shoppe Co (SM) has to deal with going DOOR TO DOOR, that is "NOT" the case, unless that is YOUR CUP O' TEA, will to be quite HONEST WE DO ALL THE WORK, YOU DON'T NEED TO DO DOOR TO DOOR SALES, we at Money Shoppe Co (SM) set up any and all appointment, but YOU MUST WEAR A MASK and follow CDC GUIDELINES concerning the Health and Welfare of those YOU plan to do business with. And becoming a 1099 DOES NOT COST YOU A DIME IN INVESTMENT(S), We @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) provide U with everything...but this type of work is for everyone...if YOU are in need of a regular J-O-B, job, the market is full of them and some have very good pay, as well as Benefits...Money Shoppe Co (SM) pay both Salary/Wages, as well as Commission(s)...if interest JUST send Us @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) a copy of YOUR official RESUME' to EMAIL @ and the Desire amount YOU would like to make from Us @ Money Shoppe Co (SM), as well as the benefits We @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) offer and We will forward back to YOU OUR REPLY...YET most feel that DOING NOTHING can get U PAID that is NOT TRUE, so do YOURSELF A FAVOR, just EMAIL US, if nothing more than information...what is it going to HURT...We @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) pay on some matters per weekly, other times its either every two (2) weeks or on a monthly basis, but We pay. And YES being a 1099, is a REAL legitimate J-O-B, job - TRY IT, IT COST U NOTHING!





But, the FEW and the those of COLOR, as well as LGBTQ+ come on HOME and WELCOME...for more information go to OUR website @ and look around. Now if YOU are hired We @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) have OUR version of a Bonus Hiring Program...that works like this, if YOU are hired We @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) We will forward YOU a BONUS CHECK worth up to $ USD 3,500.00, with one catch is that any and all applications/RESUME'S submitted by EMAIL will be forward to the NU/NEW South Atlanta office ( that will open on and/or about 6/15/2022 or sooner ) and YOU must in written form agree to being hired for at least six (6) or more months before YOU are paid the BONUS CHECK ( such check is "NOT" a sign-up bonus check, but is a NU/NEW form of incentive of being hired - also We are an EOE type of company, as well as an GMO ( Gay Minority Owned and Operated Company )...YOU are FREE to forward Us @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) YOUR RESUME' by USPS mail to the following address as shown:





Money Shoppe Co (SM)

 a Div. of Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM)

140 West 29th Street

Pueblo, CO 81008, USA







or YOU are free to contact this office by telephone @ 719-251-6736, during normal business hours ONLY, Monday - Friday 9 am to 5 pm (MST), CLOSED DURING MAJOR HOLIDAYS AND WEEKENDS.






N     O     T     E

When filling out any RESUME to Money Shoppe Co (SM)  PLEASE ONLY give Us YOUR FULL Date of Birth, and the last four numbers of YOUR SSN this is for Security REASONS @ YOUR interview We will ask for FULL SSN...also YOU MUST be at least 18 years of age ( if YOU are HOMELESS, please list WILL "NOT" be a FACTOR in YOU "NOT" getting the JOB or the lack of a mailing address, if We must We will provide one for legal requirements, such cannot be used for other possible employment, et al/etc. without the CEO's written permission, and some Shelter addresses are acceptable for place of residence ) and this JOB do "NOT" require any experience, but if We REQUIRE a FAX or FAX NUMBER... We @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) will set it up for those that are HOMELESS for 100% FREE with a SERVICE and pay any monthly fees/cost of this company - while YOU are under agreement with Us @ Money Shoppe Co (SM).



BITCOINS(R)     N          E          W           S


Now lets talk about BITCOINS(R), some claim they are a REAL GOOD investment, they can be...but like any investment it has its UPS and let an EXPERT HELP AND ASSIST YOU, like Money Shoppe Co (SM) and its numerous Partners, et al, if "NOT" Us or OUR numerous IC's and/or partners...anyone YOU TRUST WITH YOUR MONEY...BITCOINS(R) are a very good investment, if done right and at the RIGHT TIME...strike the Bitcoin market when its HOT....Money Shoppe Co (SM) and its numerous Partners can tell YOU all that and MORE, when U - R ready, for the best INVESTMENT N' YOUR LIFE...lets do this TODAY!


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