The Alternative Financial Solution and the NU/NEW Step Forward and More!?.

The Alternative Financial Solution and the NU/NEW Step Forward and More!?.

Money Shoppe Company (SM)









The Forward Steps of the world of the "NEXT" and YOUR next move

Life and Money are "NOT" any form of NU/NEW Niche, it still has its ups and well as downs, but as in life this NICHE is a needed part of OUR SURVIVAL in Business and everyday life., this is more about BUSINESS, since Money Shoppe Company (SM) does 99.9% of its business with other businesses within the entire USA, Canada and some parts of this type of business that we are in, is like the Good, the Bad and the Uncertain, but Money Shoppe Company (SM) job is to make what YOU do very SURE and EASY and we try to remove all the HARD guess work out of the setting up the Funding part, but when dealing with money that is "NOT" always EASY, but since we @ Money Shoppe Company (SM) have being doing this for well over 30 years we have become somewhat of an EXPERT in the matter - when directly dealing with the LGBTQ+, as well as the Minority version of the LGBTQ+ communities and their numerous ( some Bi, as well as 100% str8, but they are Allies) Allies.









Most people who do decide to USE us ask us is we are like a Bank, or Credit Union, and the simple ANSWER is - N-O, no, we are the Other Type of Financial Company, that is called "Alternative", nor please we are "NOT" a PAYDAY LOAN COMPANY of any kind either, understand We can do everything any Traditional Financial Company(ies) can do and more, but make Direct Loans or Stocks or Bonds issue, that part is "NOT" us, period.





After YOU have become very familiar with us at Money Shoppe Company (SM) YOU will be able to understand that we are very different than any Traditional Financial Company (ies) within or without the State of Colorado, et al. Now being a(n) LGBTQ+ and/or Black Owned and Operated Company is "NOT" an EASY SELL, but if we don't do it who will...we say that because we understand that there are numerous of financial companies claiming they DO what Money Shoppe Company (SM) do everyday, that is SOMEWHAT TRUE, but to be quite honest 89% of these companies fall very SHORT at what they can and cannot do when it comes to YOU and YOUR business(es) and the Funding, but its about who and what YOU decide to TRUST, and TRUSTING is "NOT" EASY for some, but lets be HONEST a few are going to fall, while others will "NOT" they are very careful and they will NEVER let any one or thing  pressure(d) them to RUSH anything especially when it comes to MONEY.

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