The Business World and Discrimination...Can It be ERASED for EVER!?.

The Business World and Discrimination...Can It be ERASED for EVER!?.

Now, if YOU ask anyone Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, str8, gay, lesbian or tran have they EVER DEALT with some form of DISCRIMINATION - the clear answer would be YES, in ALL TERMS...funny, but being a person who is BLACK and 100% GAY I experience the SAME and the harsh memory(ies) are "NOT" nice or kind, so I, DON'T speak of it yet in all my YEARS growing up all someone had to do was apologize, if he or she got caught...and being HONEST NOTHING has changed, except now they claim if they change it will either bankruptcy them or some other BULLSH*T, but NO ONE is talking about ALL the countless lives of Black men, women and children who died by the hands of RACIST or WHITE SUPREMIST...are LOST forever does that count or "NOT"!?.




Business is a time where some who again claim they are "NOT" RACIST, but again if YOU really look at them they are, they SPONSOR those who are OUTRIGHT RACIST and they don't even try to hide it anymore - and those who buy from them are OKAY with this ( HATE to be the ONE to tell YOU its NOT OKAY - EVER ), such as Disney(R), et al...a true RACIST is "NOT" about the COLOR OF SKIN all the time, its other things, as well, but RACE is a REAL AND TRUE FACTOR to claim otherwise is lets be very HONEST now during the time of the Capitol Riot - DO YOU FELL THE WHITE SUPREMACY WON? Some may feel they did, but they DID NOT and all they can say is that for a very SHORT TIME in OUR LIFE they showed us what FEAR is...all in all the PEOPLE OF THE USA WON, who are "NOT" Racist or Hateful. Now, if a person comes to YOU who happens to be of color, lets say black, that is his/her color of skin..."NOT" who he or she is 89.9% of most people of color are poor, DEM OR IND, some are GOP/REP, who live a life of NON RACIST OR HATEFUL  ( don't know why?...but that is another article I will investigate on )...but the other half are just as EVIL as their COUNTERPARTS, so I just sit back and they will TELL on themselves...just listen to what they say and how they say it. I can remember growing up as a little kid, my parents told me stories about the N.A.A.C.P of YESTERYEAR, today they are in a SAD way helping the WHITE SUPREMIST they claim are EVIL, when they use the N-WORD and are white, as well as rich and they APOLOGIZE, and the NAACP claim all they need is to be re-educated, BULLSH*T, honey they should know for 400 years We heard that word are ancestors died based on the word, et al...I feel that anyone Business Owner(s) or "NOT" state they are "NOT" something...that they clearly are - their ACTION(S) shows otherwise, they need to live and walk in those shoes of OUR ancestors otherwise SHUT THE HELL UP, that include the News and President J. Biden, We died and have been belittled by whites and for over 400 years, an We need to HEAL - WRONG ANSWER...NEXT!?.




If this Country Heal, it will be them first...and NOT JUST WORDS, BUT SOME REAL ACTIONS AND HONORING A CONTRACT WITH PAST INTEREST OWING TO OUR ANCESTORY(S), I promised that as a people of color We will NEVER SEE that in life and they (WHITES) will have a story for the ages and that only Disney(R) could write...some will FORGIVE them, but "NOT" all...this is truly an EYE FOR AN EYE, et al...but know this "NOT" every PERSON(S) who is "NOT" BLACK or of COLOR is a RACIST OR HATER...some are VERY HIP AND if I had to FORGIVE anything it would be one of them and theirs..

Hell no, President J. Biden, is "NOT" a RACIST OR A HATER of any kind...from what I and most Black Americans, and any Americans of Color have seen that J. Biden is the BEST person for the JOB in the White House and We voted for the RIGHT GUY and GIRL ( Harris ), Money Shoppe Co (SM) is a Full Service GMO/BBO type company, such stand for Gay-Minority Owner(s)/Black Business Owner(s)...I understand I will loose alot of Clients, and that is WAY COOL, if my OPINIONS hits a nerve when concerning RACISM OR PLAIN OL' HATE, REALLY good riddance to bad RUBBISH, money is money, but is NOT my LIFE or SOUL.




I, am who, I am and my companies is/are a part of me, but they are wholly independent standing and have their own OPINION(S), as well as comments, as do I.

Y-E-S, yes I do believe We will ERASE DISCRIMINATION, Hell N-O, no not overnight, but in time...about way after I am GONE, but my Spirit and the Blessings of the LORD will always be upon those who are LOOKING FOR REAL JUSTICE, FREEDOM AND NON-HATE... Racism is something that is taught, so lets be very OPEN and HONEST with each other(s), if this is going to work We need to be both OPEN, as well as HONEST with each other and NO BULLSH*T ever...first YOU MUST talk about the past with all its death and heart pains, trusting those who are "NOT" like YOU is going too be HARD first its going too be very HARD...but after a REAL OPEN and HONEST TALK, its going to be UPLIFTING...a word or two (2) of advice...DON'T LIE or feel YOU will have the upper hand.

Now having what is considered the "UPPER HAND" is "NOT" an HONEST approach when addressing this issue(s) @ hand, since its well over 400 years of heart ache(s) and pain(s)...but the journey will be rewarding...THIS I KNOW!!!





NEVER forget the PAST OF SLAVERY or the FREEDOM of the Holocaust, be YOU Black, Brown , Jew, Christian, or whatever - Whatever happened is SAD, but true, so NEVER forget and NEVER LOOK BACK...He will PUNISH those who have done the WRONGS NOW and/or THAN - AN EYE FOR AN EYE, et al - call Him "NOT" He hear YOU or YOURS "NOT" until His is Made RIGHT and they ALL FORGIVE YOU AND YOURS FOR EVERYTHING DONE TO THEM PAST AND PRESENT.






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