The Economy...what's NEXT can we STOP what Russia has Done...the Answer Is - YES!

The Economy...what's NEXT can we STOP what Russia has Done...the Answer Is - YES!

Money Shoppe Company (SM)

Now as the Economy keeps growing and prices are going through the roof

it's NO WONDER why some people are going CRAZY, Honey, YOU cannot even go FOOD SHOPPING without the High Prices of the FOOD for YOU and YOUR FAMILY ARE IN NEED OF...and sometimes YOU feel YOU are alone doing this, but to be quite HONEST YOU are NOT MANY ARE GOING THROUGH THE SAME JUST SOME ARE HAVING IT MUCH WORST, BUT THANK G-D SOME ARE MAKING IT WORK.

Now, MOST People feel that as a LAST RESORT A LOAN AND/OR FUNDING IS NOT IN THEIR BEST INTEREST, while in most cases that might be 100% TRUE, but sometimes YOU just have to BITE the BULLET an just at least entertain the THOUGHT, at this time everyone is thinking about the "INTEREST RATES" yes, they can be a BIT*H, but when worked right that can work within YOUR situation at hand and we at Money Shoppe Company (SM) being the BEST at being an Alternative Financial Company, WE ARE NOT ANYTHING LIKE A BANK, CREDIT UNION, ET AL, nor are we a Payday Company, period.





We UNDERSTAND that most People feel that they don't have the FICA Score for such LOAN(S) and/or FUNDING, since we are NOT YOUR Traditional Financial Company, we @ Money Shoppe Company (SM) do things a little different than a Bank(s), Credit Union(s), et al, we do some Personal Loans but on a very limited basis and even with Bad or Poor Credit (Score) we will find

YOU the MONEY YOU and YOUR Family require and with excellent Interest rates, that are low or very low.






Money Shoppe Company (SM) job is to do whatever we can to GET YOU the MONEY YOU AND YOURS REQUIRE AND WITHIN A REASONABLE TIME FRAME...this what we do is ON LINE ONLY we are just as good as the GUYS/GIRLS YOU would walk in their office to meet the ONLY thing is that 99.9% of the TIME WE WILL SAY YES, YOU HAVE BEEN APPROVED FOR THE MONEY AGAIN WITHIN A REASONABLE TIME FRAME


Money Shoppe Company (SM) job is very simple, it is to find YOU the Money YOU require on a Business Level, as well as a Personal Level, too! but we clearly understand that in this MARKET is solely based of the fact of being LEGITIMATE, AS WELL AS OPEN AND HONEST, THAT IS US EVERYDAY ITS THAT WE ARE ON LINE FOR, IN OTHER WORDS BY EMAIL, COMPUTER, FAX, BUT NO WALK IN AT THIS TIME, no matter we are just as PROFESSIONAL, as the guys/girls who have a walk in office, again the only difference is that we give just a little more in the Personal Loan Department, up to $USD 300,000.00 and we offer the same with LOW to LOWER Interest rates than most Traditional Financial Companies, such as YOUR local/international bank(s), credit unions, et al...if interested in what we do go to OUR website at for more information...on the more business side of funding/loans go to our parent company, Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) there website address is, either way WE GOT YOU COVERED.







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