The NU/NEW Auto Loan Funding Program, that is "NOT" a LOAN, Period, READ ON.

The NU/NEW Auto Loan Funding Program, that is "NOT" a LOAN, Period, READ ON.

Money Shoppe Company (SM)





The Alternative Financial People, that is "NOT" YOUR Traditional Financial Company like a Bank(s), Credit Union(s), et al...Honey we are the other guys/girls.






Have teamed up with both S&S Funding Company (TM) and its parent company, Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM), the only issues at hand is finding actual REAL Dealership(s) that are interested in making some real money...its FUNNY that one thinks that because YOU are of Color, Handicap, Mature or a Senior, str8 or gay or better yet YOU are LOW be quite honest that is called RACISM and PRE - JUDGEMENT, and that should "NOT" be a part of any real professional business but it is - SAD but 100% TRUE. Now all financial companies INVOLVED are very LEGITIMATE and very HONEST from A to Z...the ONLY Drawback on this program coming is that its a NON - RECOURSE AUTO FUNDING FOR LOW INCOME PARTIES ONLY - in other words it a type of funding that DON'T REQUIRE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION, OTHER THAN YOUR NAME, HOME ADDRESS, FULL DOB, AND THE LAST FOUR OF YOUR SSN AND THE FACT YOU ARE EITHER EMPLOYED OR RETIRED OR IN THE MILITARY FULL OR PART TIME OR THE NATIONAL GUARD, nor do we REQUIRE ANY COLLATERAL, SINCE ITS NOT A LOAN OF ANY TYPE OR FORM, NOR ARE YOU REQUIRED TO PAY IT BACK, ITS A GIFT FROM USE TO YOU...BUT SUCH IS LIMITED WHO CAN GET THE GIFT, AS WELL AS NOT EVERY STATE IS ALLOWED IN THIS PROGRAM, PERIOD.

The States that are "NOT" allowed in the Program is AZ, TX, FL, Mass, and UT and other states will be placed on this list, but those that are within or without the US Military and part of the LGBTQ+/MINORITY LGBTQ+ COMMUNITIES






Now this program is to START on or about Sept., 2022 after at least 200 Car/Truck Dealers have been approved by the parent company, Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) to accept said FUNDING CONCERNING ANY AUTO FUNDING UNDER THIS PROGRAM. Now this Auto Funding is for both NU/NEW as well as Certified Used Cars/Trucks, up to $USD 250,000.00, that includes luxury cars/trucks, but DOES NOT INCLUDE TESLA OF ANY KIND, MAKE OR MODELS WITHIN OR WITHOUT THE USA.

Also, this program is ONLY available within the Entire USA, except as noted above on states and/or companies "NOT" allowed within said program(s) by and between, Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM), S&S Funding Company (TM) and Money Shoppe Company (SM). Now if YOU are interested in JOINING the FUN - REMEMBER ITS 100% FREE TO ANY AND ALL DEALERSHIPS UNTIL 12/31/2022 @ Midnight (MST) - SO HURRY!!!!






REMEMBER, its like getting a CAR/TRUCK for FREE, if YOU qualify it just might be in YOUR CARDS to look into this program, before its too late. Understand that YOU are required to place a DOWN PAYMENT with a Car Dealership of no more than 1% and the REST is on again, if interested go to the websites:, and/or and check us OUT, as well as the Program we talk about in this ARTICLE, but if YOU are requiring MORE INFORMATION send us an EMAIL @ and someone will get back with YOU, if YOU include a Contact Number for someone to either talk to YOU and/or EMAIL YOU.

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