The Pandemic and YOU, and YOUR Financial Freedom

The Pandemic and YOU, and YOUR Financial Freedom

Money Shoppe Co (SM) is fully aware of the current situation @ hand and in 90% of the CASES ITS BAD OR VERY BAD, but Money Shoppe Co (SM) may have SOMETHING more than a BAND-AID to fix and correct the ISSUE(S) @ this PROGRAM is "NOT" for everyone, but it is for the very few that are in BUSINESS, the ONLY requirements that We @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) require of YOU...are as listed below:

1.     YOU MUST be within a qualifiable Class - Such as a LGBTQ, Minority, which means a person(s) of Color, Black, Brown, Yellow and/or Red, Male or Female, just the fact a FEMALE is White is "NOT" a minority to Us @ Money Shoppe Co (SM), unless she is of Color or is 100% Lesbian/Tran, at that point she may be NON-COLOR/WHITE at which than she would qualify for the Funding @ hand.;

2.     Any said Funding and/or Loan(s) under this program is 100% NON- RECOURSE up to $USD 8.5 million and if over $USD 100,000.00 WE WILL REQUIRE W.A.C., if under that amount W.A.C. is "NOT" required...but YOU MUST have a Commercial Bank Account(s), either a Checking or Savings Account(s) or both during the time of said funding...also, YOU MUST be a legitimate Business(es) and YOUR business MUST be in good standing with YOUR local Secty. of State Office (SOS Office)...We vet any and ALL Applicant's prior to said FUNDING.;






3.     Now this Funding Program will BEGIN ON 3/6/2021 @ 9 am (MST) and will end on 4/6/2021 @ Midnight (MST) time is ESSENCE.






4.     Money Shoppe Co (SM) may require proof of any income, et al/etc. and PLEASE UNDERSTAND that this is FUNDING for B2B, and is "NOT" on a personal level...yet, if YOU are interested in a PERSONAL LOAN that is a separate issue and such ONLY fund(s) up to $USD 3.5 million and is on a RE-PAYMENT PLAN, if YOU are interested YOU MUST EMAIL Us @ anytime of the day, and PLEASE USE THE WORD(S) URGENT MATTER, and the amount needed, and when needed...and the amount YOU can afford to RE-PAY back, remember such RE-PAY PLAN must be at least $USD 150.00, but if in the Million(s) such RE-PAY must be at least $USD 2,500.00, if UNDER that PAYBACK PLAN ( as listed in this Paragraph )  such loan(s) will "NOT" be approved, PERIOD.


 5.     Money Shoppe Co (SM) is "NOT" a PAYDAY LOAN COMPANY and/or FINANCIAL COMPANY, nor are We @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) a direct lender(s)...BUT IF, WE STATE WE WILL HELP/ASSIST YOU, WE WILL STAND BEHIND THAT 100% NO QUESTIONS ASKED - EVER...THAT IN INCLUDES GUARANTEEING OUR FUNDING PROGRAM IN THERE ENTIRTY , IF OUR NAME(S) ON IT WE GOT THIS, THIS FUNDING PROGRAM DOES NOT INCLUDE REAL ESTATE PROJECTS, BUT DOES INCLUDE FIRSTIME HOME BUYERS ( CALL US FOR MORE INFORMATIONS ON THIS SECTIONS @ HAND )  ( We need to be very clear...OUR COMPANY NAME - " ON IT " means such is exactly from OUR company and is " NOT " to scam or con anyone of their money (ies), period or a fake, be it outright, etc/et al...if " NOT " from Us We will " NOT " stand or guarantee the funding, etc/et al ).


6.     Money Shoppe Co (SM) is at "NO" TIME affiliated or associated with any said LENDER(S) wholly or partly...any CONTRACT(S) is completely handled by Us @ Money Shoppe CO (SM) and/or OUR IC's assigned to YOU, also, We DO NOT CHARGE YOU for the Handling of OUR LENDING SERVICES - EVER!.

Now the lowest YOUR FICA SCORE can be is at least 450, lower FICA SCORES between 250 and 449, WILL BE SECURED LOAN(S) ONLY and they DO REQUIRE THAT YOU PLACE AT LEAST 30% - 45% within a CD SAVINGS ACCOUNT for at least two (2) years, first prior to getting the LOAN from Us @ Money Shoppe Co (SM), YOU are FREE to DECLINE THIS LOAN @ ANYTIME...Owe NOTHING.

 7.     Any Business Owners who qualify for Funding even with a RECENT Bankruptcy Chapter 11 or a 13, as long as it has been  DISCHARGED in the Federal or State Court System(s) ( and YOU can provide Us @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) said proof, if required by OUR Lenders, et al/etc ), YOU may still qualify, as long as YOU fall within Money Shoppe Co (SM) Qualifications - as listed above. 





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