Updated Information # 2 - Hiring Placed of HOLD STATUS and More

Updated Information # 2 - Hiring Placed of HOLD STATUS and More

Now the days are FAST UPON Us...on 12/06/2021 @ 6 am (MST) We 2 both companies, Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) and Web Wise Blactino Studios (SM) have decided to HALT ANY and ALL HIRING, as well as any outstanding employment agreements...on this DATE ONLY for TEN (10) MONTHS starting on 12/06/2021 if at that TIME We do receive any RESUMES, such shall be RETURNED...UNOPENED, but if WE ARE UNABLE to return, said RESUME(S) shall be tossed, et al...BUT ALL AND EVERY EFFECTS WILL BE MADE TO RETURN SAID RESUMES AT OUR EXPENSE.






The ECONOMY is growing, just "NOT" as fast as We @ both companies were hoping for at which We have decided that it would be in OUR BEST INTEREST to HALT such Hiring until the ECONOMY is in FULL GEAR. So, We @ both companies so mentioned in this Article have again decided to HALT any and all HIRING within and without the State of Colorado - YES, WE ARE STILL IN BUSINESS.

But OUR business is going in a fresh NU/NEW direction and its all GREAT NEWS, We are going HOME to the LGBTQ+ and the Minority LGBTQ+ Communities...the community is vast and its very GOOD and crafty...HOME IS WERE THE HEART IS!?.









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