Updated Information # 1 on the States We will "NOT" do BUSINESS IN - EVER

Updated Information # 1 on the States We will "NOT" do BUSINESS IN - EVER

U R G E N T      N  O  T  I  C  E

The following states are NOW on OUR list that We will NOT EVEN Entertain the notion of doing business concerning finance, et al - the reasons are plain and very simple, they have a very Homophobic, as well as Transphobic attitude based on NONE Facts, solely based on Hate, et al and since We don't see any clear path...other than a baseless apology, that again is BASELESS and has "NO" laws, nor teeth they DO HAVE MUCH COLORFUL WORD(S) AND NOTHING MORE.





So, the following state(s) will "NOT" be allowed access to the NU/NEW Grant Program, coming soon, once approved by the State of Colorado, they are, as listed...TX, FL, MS, TN, UT, AZ, OK, WY,  and MN

This list is always growing some state(s) may be added, some may be removed, the only states that CANNOT be so removed is both TX and FL...any and all other states are always under review by OUR Board of Directors and OUR CEO, so this list is always UPDATED...so keep checking this WEBSITE for up to date information - to see if YOUR state(s) is/are listed, YOU never will know, if YOU don't check it out...so, CHECK IT OUT - NOW!

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