Wear A Mask and YOU will always be happy and SAFE!?.

Wear A Mask and YOU will always be happy and SAFE!?.

Now everyday those who work in the Hospitals, and making sure YOU and YOUR are Healthy and as well as SAFE, so is it that hard to Wear A Mask, if asked by others...I of all people understand FREEDOM, but freedom is knowing to wearing a mask, to be and feel 100% SAFE ( is that HARD to do )...it tells people of ALL Type and Shapes, as well as Color and Sexualities that YOU are SMART and Wise and YOU not only wishing to keep YOURSELF SAFE, but others around YOU as well.

Thanks YOU are our HERO(S)





Now EVERYONE who doesn't wish to wear a MASK ( that is YOUR call ), once they/YOU or YOURS  get sick they/YOU or YOURS SHOULDN'T be HELPED, it would seem HEARTLESS but its "NOT" if YOU/THEY knowingly go without a MASK and YOU/THEM are not willing to following the CDC Guidelines or YOUR local Health Dept. Rules and Regulations, than YOU/THEM are saying "NO, MATTER WHAT YOU ARE CRAZY AND YOU WILL CARE FOR ME AND MINE - WRONG" But YES, they will say that, but I, say shame on them...for those who die and/or get sick/ill is due to YOUR carelessness act(s) or action(s), so "NO" they should not assist or help YOU...PERIOD.

This is "NOT" easy on anyone so those that HANG In There will be REWARDED...they WILL be so BLESSED by Him and YES, they are their Brother's Keeper...but those who hear EVIL are EVIL and He will hear them and/or theirs "NOT" in the GOOD TIMES or THE BAD TIMES, nor in the LIGHT or the DARKNESS. I know that the GOOD ONES will endure this and it may be painful and YOU will loose a lot, but YOU will gain much more - such as Faith, Joy, Love and to know He is with thee - FOREVER and EVER.

Now as in LIFE, Business is a PART of that life, so, Money Shoppe Co (SM) is here for those in the LGBTQ+ and Minority Communities, when YOU need those of Us we will be there for YOU, so go to the website @ www.moneyshoppeco.us and LOOK around and know that YOU are home and SHA'LOM to all who come!






This Article is JUST an OPINION, and is NOT to state or make any claim(s) to ones Faith, et al, nor is such to state that We careless for anyone, but  We, as do I see and hear in the NEWS that their is so MUCH misinformation concerning the Pandemic and COVID -19, that until all can PLAY right - just be SAFE and WEAR - A - MASK OR TWO, please - its NOT OVER until its OVER. If YOU and YOURS need to be vaccinated do it...PLEASE...I understand that those of COLOR (black) are on the fence, so Please at least make sure its SAFE and get PROOF - now, I seen Ex-President Obama get the shot ( COOL, but I still don't TRUST it...and until every person(s) of Color get the SHOT the Pandemic will RETURN and will "NOT" ever go away ), but We need more, like blacks We TRUST in the Everyday life, like Black Business Owner(s), Celebrities, et al

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