Were Is The Money...Money Shoppe Co (SM) Got The Money and More!.

Were Is The Money...Money Shoppe Co (SM) Got The Money and More!.

Money Shoppe Co (SM)





Has a bitter pill to swallow...concerning YOU, Business and YOUR everyday Task...and its "NOT" going too be easy to Hear from Us @ Money Shoppe Co (SM)...but some of what YOU hear, just might sound True and We @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) HOPE We have the correct answer for YOU?





Now having a Business is "NOT" an Easy JOB YOU are the Business Life Line, somewhat its Parent - to say the less, So YOU are very important part of the company - YOU are its Heart and Brain, without YOU it will cease in Operation(s), et al...in other words YOU are its BACKBONE...Money Shoppe Co (SM) is its Bloodline, so without Us @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) its only source funding/money - outside of YOUR Traditional Commercial Financial Company, like Your Local Bank(s), Credit Union(s) and/or Mortgage Company (ies)...We are "NOT" YOUR Traditional Commercial Financial Company We @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) are the other guys/girls, We act the same, but We are "NOT" the same in any way shape or form other than making sure of YOUR Success, as well as Profitable in business, as well as in Life - that is OUR only goal @ Money Shoppe Co (SM).





The only drawback with dealing with Us @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) We are far from YOUR actual Traditional Commercial Financial Company...that We say 99.9% of the Time We @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) will say "YES" to the Funding/Money Deal(s) at hand, even with a BAD or NO Credit Worthiness, We just might have the proper Financial Plan @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) for YOU and YOUR Business...but YOU will never know if YOU don't atleast contact Us by EMAIL @ moneyshoppeco@yahoo.com...the biggest MISTAKE most NU/NEW Business Owners make are that they GO TO their Traditional Commercial Financial Company - their local bank, et al only to be turned down in their time of NEED(S)...but if YOU were SMART YOUR first turn would have been to Us @ Money Shoppe Co (SM).

Since 1984, Money Shoppe Co (SM) have been a focus point concerning the LGBTQ+ and Minority, as well as Women who are Non-Color, without bragging - WE @ MONEY SHOPPE CO (SM) ARE THE VERY BEST @ WHAT WE DO...We understand that its NEVER easy to seek out help...but remember "NOTHING GAINED IS NOTHING VENTURED", as well as " A CLOSED MONTH NEVER GETS FEED"...now if YOU need Help in a HURRY EMAIL Us TODAY @ moneyshoppeco@yahoo.com, IT WILL COST YOU NOTHING TO SEEK OUT OUR HELP/ASSISTANT, what is worse that could happen - WE SAY "NO", I don't see that happening...if We @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) are allowed to do OUR JOB.





The Application Fee(s)/Cost(s) are FREE, We never Charge YOU, just to sign a piece of legal paper claiming -WE GOT THIS and We @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) are YOUR agent...also with signing up with Us @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) YOU will also get 100% Free Payroll, Bookkeeping and Taxing service(s) for One (1) Year , after that We do charge YOU a small fee, but if YOU cancel this Part of the Agreement YOU will be CHARGED NOTHING - EVER!

Also, if YOU don't need this part of the Agreement/Contract it can be REMOVED/CANCELLED...also, as a Client We @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) do keep CONTACT with YOU the Client, just too make sure that YOU are on the RIGHT track this is a 100% FREE COURTEOUS CALL , nothing more.




Also, during the time that is so HARD on everyone especially those trying to Operate a Business and a family...it gets very HARD to say the less, Most parents have to HOME SCHOOL the kids and that in itself is STRESSFUL AS HELL, AT TIMES, but they are OUR kids and WE LOVE THEM - hands down, so if We have to do OUR parts - SO BE IT - just maybe dad and mom have to brush up on their MATH, et al skills for TODAY WORLD, and YOU thought Operating a Business is HARD try to really understand YOUR kids and what they are learning...that will DRIVE YOU MAD, in a F-U-N, fun way.

So, if YOU need help We got U on this TASK...now so call getting a MEAL/FOOD, once U - R a Client of OURS OLD/NU/NEW we will give U a debit card of up to $USD 500.00 for take some stress off U and YOURS ( this is "NOT" a HAND OUT, but a HAND UP ) We @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) are "NOT" a NONPROFIT company of any kind, but We will do OUR part for OUR communities...WE MUST BE SAFE AT ALL TIMES - WEAR A MASK, EVEN IF YOU HAVE ONE OR BOTH SHOTS KEEP WEARING THE DAMN MASK...but if YOU feel that YOU are SAFE, please understand that the Debit Card is "NOT" for U...since its about U, NOT everyone SAFETY during this time.






HOW CAN WE HELP YOU WITH FINANCES AND/OR WHATEVER...during this Pandemic and Beyond!?.



Having FAITH is about life and YOUR G-d or Higher Power, YOUR CALL, but know YOU are never alone, if YOU just REACH OUT to Us or anyone, who is REAL and can and will Help, as well as assist YOU and YOURS...Now YES, Money Shoppe Co (SM) would like to be the ONE who assist/help YOU but in life that is "NOT" always in that CARDS, so if YOU have someone YOU TRUST with what is YOURS, PLEASE feel FREE to go to them for whatever YOU need , if they can and will assist/help YOU, without costing YOU an Arm and a Leg...JUST N' CASE We will be there for YOU when YOU decide YOU need Us @ Money Shoppe Co (SM), We are just an EMAIL ADDRESS away and its 24/7/365.










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