What's Next...For the NU/NEW Year of 2022 and Beyond?.

What's Next...For the NU/NEW Year of 2022 and Beyond?.

Times are so CONFUSING one minute YOU are worrying about YOU and YOUR Employees, YOUR Business, than the NEXT MINUTE the Pandemic hits and things really get "F'ed Up"  and Now its about safety and vax(ing), as well as booster shots...HONEY, IF ITS NOT ONE THING ITS ANOTHER AND ITS HARD TO KEEP UP WITH EVERYTHING THAT IS GOING ON...but just maybe We @ Money Shoppe Company (SM) and S & S Funding Company (TM) can assist YOU in these time of hardship - PLEASE UNDERSTAND We are "NOT" YOUR Traditional Bank, Credit Union or Mortgage Company We are the other guys/girls that specialize within the LGBTQ+ and the LGBTQ+ Minority Communities We @ Money Shoppe Company (SM) have been doing this for well over 35 Years.





Money Shoppe Company (SM) and its sister company, S & S Funding Company(TM) offer a NON-RECOURSE, which simple mean YOU don't have to WORRY about paying it back - EVER...this program is NOT A LOAN NOR IS IT A CONSUMER LOAN, its a B2B GRANT and the SMART Businessperson, male or female will INVESTIGATE us @ Money Shoppe Company (SM), remember OUR Parent company is Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) and such is legitimate and is so listed with the BBB and Duns and Bradstreet and has a EIN and listed in GOOD STANDING with the Colorado Secty. of State (SOS).





We understand that MOST LGBTQ+ and its Allies, be them minorities, will LOOK at this as a Con or a Scam, its "NOT" it is 100% legitimate, remember this is "NOT" any type of Loan(s) or Consumer Loan(s) or Payday Loan(s) so any personal information is "NOT" required outside of YOUR FULL PERSONAL NAME, and that of YOUR BUSINESS(ES) and YOUR Mailing Address, the last four of YOUR SSN is required and YOUR FULL EIN from the IRS and YOUR EMAIL Contact information, but if YOU don't have an EMAIL, please set one UP...without it YOU will be DENIED by Money Shoppe Company (SM) and S & S Funding Company (TM)...EMAIL'S are 100% FREE to set up, but its YOUR CALL ON THIS!?.


 Now, this B2B Financial Program is also available by applying ONLINE @ www.gmenglobalgspotstudio.com or ONLY BY EMAIL  @ www.moneyshoppeco@yahoo.com, NEVER BY USPS MAIL OR SNAIL MAIL, But YOU will need to HURRY before this Program is FULL - at which We will EXPIRE the PROGRAM re-opens on December of 2026 or sooner.


Now, if YOU have something to SHARE with Us, please leave a COMMENT OR TWO...be it GOOD OR BAD, state it. remember We are here for YOU and to Make YOUR DREAMS come true...so as a GMO Type of Company YOUR OPINIONS mean something to Us. Thank you.







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