YOU and Financing - Is It for YOU and YOUR Business...that is the question and more?

YOU and Financing - Is It for YOU and YOUR Business...that is the question and more?

Money Shoppe Company (SM)

would like to say that as a Male or Female who is both a Minority, as well as queer the stakes are a little higher, but that will NOT discourage us for OUR dreams of being an ENTREPRENEUR...YOU have went to YOUR Bank (traditional financial company) only to be told NO WE CANNOT HELP YOU, as noted DON'T BE DISCOURAGE WE AT Money Shoppe Company (SM) just might have the YES! answer YOU SO DESIRE, N-O, no we are NOT a Bank, et al, nor are we a Payday Loan Company - we are the other guys/girls who see YOU the Dreamer/Entrepreneur and we will take that chance in other words "THE LEAP O' FAITH...AND SAY YES! TO THE FUNDING/LOANS, WHEN YOUR BANK, ET AL TELLS YOU NO!"

But since we are much more that most Traditional Financial Company(ies) we operate on a very different LEVEL, but as an 100% Alternative Financial Company, we are so much more than just a FACTORING COMPANY, YES, we still do factoring, but we also do so much more, that is beyond the functions of a Traditional Financial Company, such as a Bank, Credit Union and/or Mortgage Company, they are very GOOD at what they do, but we are the ALTERNATIVE CHOICE when concerning Business and Finances.

N-O, no if YOU feel that a Bank is MORE YOUR FAVOR, please feel free to go for them, but when they tell YOU, NO! make a FAST TURN TOWARD Money Shoppe Company (SM) for a YES! answer up to $USD 39 billion, YES We do Startup Funding, as well as venture capitol and more...but we are very LEGITIMATE and very fast if YOU ARE INTERESTED GO TO OUR WEBSITE/URL @ and LOOK AROUND and when interested leave us YOUR Contact Information/EMAIL, it 100% FREE and someone will get back in touch with YOU, concerning YOUR NEXT STEP FORWARD, IN BUSINESS!!!

Now the Best places to place YOUR Business presence is on LINKEDIN (R), as well as Twitter (R) the reasons we claim these two (2) companies is that we have had a very positive reaction to them and those on the site, and we DON'T ENDORSE anyone company over another, but we/myself have enjoyed these two (2) companies and they NEVER saw the color of my skin, nor my sexuality, they just saw me as an individual, so that is the reason why we/I talk about we at Money Shoppe Company (SM) have been doing this since 1985, but our parent company Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) have been at this type of work for well over 39 Plus Years.


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