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Employment and Job(s) Page


Now its "NOT" everyday YOU hear of a REAL JOB(S) ONLY available on the WEBSITE or LINKEDIN(R), FACEBOOK(R) and/or TWITTER(R) - But Dreams Do Come TRUE...but We are in need of REAL and very OPEN and HONEST people, if that is  "NOT" YOU please DO NOT APPLY...We @ Money Shoppe Co (SM), et al are very SERIOUS and WE ARE IN NEED OF THE SAME TYPE OF PEOPLE WHO ARE LEADERS AND KNOW THE IN'S AND OUT OF THE FINANCIAL WORLD ( THIS IS NOT DOOR TO DOOR TYPE OF SELLING, ET AL - WE DO ALL THE WORK, NOT YOU ) now working for Us DO NOT REQUIRE ANY INVESTMENT(S) OF ANY TYPE OR KIND, NOR DO IT REQUIRE YOUR MONEY, just YOUR time and Home.



Understand if YOU are placed under CONTRACT with us - We will PROVIDE YOU with ANY AND ALL THE EQUIPMENT - NEEDED, 100% FREE OF CHARGE - but this equipment(s) is the sole property(ies) of Money Shoppe Co (SM) and Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) and SHALL be return to us in working condition by Insured USPS Priority Mail ALL Equipment Returns are mailed back to us at OUR expense.

Also, said job(s) is both salary and commission with full benefits, such as medical insurance, et al, any and all applicants must have a GED/HS GRAD or some college in accounting, finance and/or business or all the said listed...and said applicant(s) must be 18+, and any and all applicant(s) MUST have a valid Green Card and/or be a U.S. Citizen with ALL the proper legal papers - REQUIRED TO WORK IN THIS COUNTRY...WE DO VET ANY AND ALL APPLICANTS WITH THE I.N.S AND FBI.

We make Dreams Come TRUE!!!




Any and All listing of J-O-B-S, jobs are for 30 days or less, if YOU DO NOT APPLY before such expires than please understand said JOB(s) may no longer be available.

REMEMBER early bird gets the worm or at least the job(s).