Money Shoppe Company (SM) the Do's and the Don't Do's!?.

Money Shoppe Company (SM) is a FULL SERVICE COMMERCIAL COMPANY doing business within the Entire State of Colorado and the Entire USA Only. We are "NOT" a PAYDAY LOAN COMPANY of any type, such must be licensed by the Colorado Dept. of Law ( to Do such, WE ARE NOT LICENSED AS A  PAYDAY LOAN COMPANY, et al...those that are licensed with the State of Colorado, PLEASE contact them immediately to see is any company(ies) or person(s) is licensed with the State - And DON'T give them YOUR fund/money until after YOU are given the word(s) by the Dept. of Law in Colorado or any state - that they are LEGITIMATE AND LEGAL ). Understand YOU, nor anyone is under any obligation(s) to do any form of business with Us @ Money Shoppe Company (SM) and/or OUR IC's, et al when it comes to the Money Shoppe Company (SM) and any of its holding companies or its Parent Company - Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM).





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