Small Business/Corporation Loans

Money Shoppe Company (SM)

Is a very Unique Type of Commercial Financial Company We Do everything by the LEGAL LAW 

Understand that We Do Require that any information be very CURRENT ( that is "NO" older than 60 or less days old, if older such SHALL NOT be considered - EVER )

As a business We Do Require YOUR State and Federal Tax Returns for at least two (2) or more Years in Business, Yet if said business is less than two (2) years old, We Do Require a True Copy of YOUR Banking Statement(s) from YOUR bank and signed and dated by its manager(s) or Asst. Manager(s) or its CEO (acting), et al.




Any person(s), owner(s) or officer(s) who own or control 20% or more of the ownership of the said business(es)...PLEASE understand that We at Money Shoppe Co (SM) will ask YOU of some CONFIDENTIAL Information such as YOUR DOB, marital status, et al 

We will ask that YOU give Us the Full Amount of Money YOU wish to borrow.




This information is always UPDATED, at least every Six (6) days or more.