Structured Settlements

Warning - DON'T FALL FOR ANYTHING THAT EVEN LOOKS LIKE A SCAM OR CON - Seek Out the PRO'S, like Us @ Money Shoppe Company (SM)

Now a TRUE Structured Settlement(s) come in two forms, One just happens to be Non-recourse and the other is called RECOURSE !?.

And YOU must be represented by an Attorney or Two or a ABA License Law Firm/Attorney(s)!?

Now most type of Pre - Settlements are Non - Recourse - which means , if YOUR attorney DOES NOT WIN YOUR CASE(S) YOU OWE NOTHING, PERIOD!?

WE DO NOT DO A CREDIT CHECK - EVER - Since such is "NOT" a LOAN par say - WE DON'T REQUIRE CREDIT INFORMATION - EVER, so YOU are never subjected to the CREDIT BUREAUS.

Now most Law Firms are is need of funding at which We @ Money Shoppe Company (SM) have - the only drawback is the fact its  RECOURSE, which means the Attorney (s) Firm pays it back over a long period of time.


* Said Firm may pay off the Advancement at anytime without any penalties!?

* Now atleast 90% of any and all Attorney Funding has a three (3) years window and sometimes more, to pay this back!?.

* Funds can be used any way the Firm wants for example, marketing, rent, taxes, payroll, etc. There are no restrictions concerning this funding!?.