The Black, Brown, Purple and Pink WALL STREET in NOW here...They were gone, SAD BUT TRUE...But Now they are BACK better now than EVER BEFORE!?.

Money Shoppe Co (SM)





Now everyday YOU will hear the Pro's and the Con's of what is Wall Street, Honey its "NOT" just for  RACIST WHITE PEOPLE it for those who are see life as SUCCESSFUL for being a COLOR, like that of BLACK, BROWN, PURPLE, YELLOW, RED or PINK (LGBTQ+) We see that if We allow others who only purpose in LIFE is too BULLY, those they feel they can either BULLY or PUT DOWN... NO MORE, We are so much more than We are Brothers, Sisters, Fathers, Mothers, Grandmothers, Grandfathers...some Poor, Middle Class or even RICH ( please understand being R I C H  is more than MONEY and/or FAME on a see ) We will be heard.

Now based on OUR color of skin We were made to live in a certain neighborhoods or townships, but We made it, and such was very PROFITIBLE, but in time their were those who were RACIST, was very jealous of those like Us and the ONLY way they could fight back was to destroy that what was very PROFITIBLE to Us, but since such was of people of a certain color or race or sexuality they was allowed by this NATION to cause irrevocable harm and death - which under U.S. federal laws Murder known or unknown is "NOT"  limited, since they did cause harm in a mens rea, which means they had a very "guilty mind" and both the States, were fully aware, to claim otherwise is just a plain outright LIE  they were fully aware, but instead of charging the wrong doers they hid such from the GOOD PUBLIC for over 45 years, until found out and they -the Federal Government is just as guilty, since they too hid the facts and until continue to add to the the lie(s) to this a Black and Openly gay person ( who is outright SAD and very angry of such racist act(s) and "NOTHING" has been done and G-d no apology - EVER ) I will be filing a Formal Lawsuit after 6/4/2021.

But, that is another issue @ hand...the REAL REASON(S) is/are that We have done something, but more must be done!?. Money Shoppe is only a DROP N' THE BUCKET and We @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) will do whatever it can to get back OUR glory days, if We can.



Now today its HARD, but its IN ALL OF YOU ALL who are of COLOR, they who are "NOT" will need YOU if "NOT" today, but before all is CORRECT and is NEVER OVER the PANDEMIC/COVID - 19 will never WIN, so it will SLEEP for know for ONE (1) year from 3/12/2021...a word of advice be GOOD only to those who are "NOT" RACIST, those that are...are just that - RACIST, but even some white's are GOOD inside and out, they too are like YOU and YOU are like them, but of a different color and/or race ( Remember this is "NOT" about business, not everything is about money, somethings are just about actual forgiveness, something I can never do, but others can - He is watching!?. )