The In's and Sometimes Out's of FACTORING for Small Business Owner(s) - Is it for YOU!?.

Now Factoring has becomes a Multi - Billion dollar global business that continues to grow on a daily basis.





But YOU ask YOURSELF is FACTORING right for Me and My business(es) now to ANSWER this QUESTION is an E-Z one and the ANSWER is somewhat OPEN ENDED its a "YES", as well as a "NO" ... in other words FACTORING is perfect for some businesses, but maybe "NOT" for YOU or YOURS.



FACTORING is hands down the easiest form of capital available to small and mid - sizes business(es), to name a few:

* Little to NO Government or Banking Regulations

* Very flexible, et al

Now We @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) can get FUNDS to YOU in a matter of three (3) to six (6) days.

But in life, as in business be very careful remember that since ONE (1) may claim he/she can HELP they can be someone just out to SCAM OR CON YOU so before YOU ( and/or YOURS ) decide to TRUST  them first thing first is to contact YOUR local BBB @ or contact YOUR local Attorney General's Office to see in fact they are legitimate...remember they are "NOT" regulated by the State Banking or Colorado DORA, et al, but they are either listed with the Secty. of State Office ( SOS ), Jena Griswold is the Secretary of State, YOU can contact her office @ 303.894.2200 or Toll Free @ 855.428.3555, Espanol ( NOT TOLL FREE ) 303.894.2200 ext. 6260, as well as the IRS or both, also check with YOUR local government offices concerning the same, they just might be able to assist/ help YOU on this matter - REMEMBER they are NOT allowed to give LEGAL ADVICE - EVER - SO DON'T ASK!?.




No sleeping on the JOB, VET THEM and Us, as well!?.


Our information is as listed with the Secty. of State when searching for Us OUR Parent Company: Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM),Doc # 20191417124, Art. of Incorp. Our Parent Company is also listed with the I.R.S., as well as the local BBB Office.


Lets talk more about FACTORING...and is it for YOU, as stated above it can be a FAT YES, as well as a FAT NO...but in the long run its YOUR call on Factoring or "NOT" trying to accessing traditional banking financing maybe common, but at times can be somewhat STRESSFUL from A to Z, but with Factoring is with Money Shoppe Co (SM) is 99.9% of the time a HELL YES to most applicants within a REASONABLE TIME FRAME.

NO - its "NOT" a walk in the park type of deal, it what We do at Money Shoppe Co (SM) and We are very legitimate and honest company, as well as is OUR numerous staff member(s), if YOU are looking for some TV Commercials, WE DON'T DO THAT...its OUR ONLY JOB is to get YOU the FINANCING YOU REQUIRE and/or NEED @ the time YOU need it, but remember OUR TIME FRAME is at least three (3) working days (min.).

Factoring is the financial industry "CROWN JEWEL" when it comes to just Factoring...what We @ Money Shoppe Co (SM) offer is ACCOUNT RECEIVABLE FACTORING, such is the mere SALE(S) of the accounts receivable of YOUR business(es) or YOU can call it just plain O' Factoring, its all the same...if YOU have Customers who just are unable to pay a(or) bill(s) or invoice(s) for 30, or 60 days or longer, We can ASSIST/HELP YOU. Remember OUR limits to this Factoring depends on the Accounts Receivable(s).

And Money Shoppe Co (SM) has been doing this since 1984 and We are the very BEST, hands down...also, We are a Full Services Alternative Commercial Finance Company and GMO, which stands for Gay Minority Owned Business.