The Most Racist, Homophobic and Transphobic Bank(s), Credit Union(s) as well as Mortgage Company(ies), and More!?.

This is a Very Complete List of Bank(s), Credit Union(s) and Mortgage Companies, as so mentioned and listed by both  Money Shoppe Company (SM) and its Parent Company, Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) (a Colorado company), if for some reason(s) we have NOT listed a Bank(s), et al PLEASE EMAIL US ASAP with YOUR information ( If we decide to print the Article YOU will make a whopping $USD 45.00, sometimes more with PICTURE, that are NOT copyrighted), as well as experience with said bank(s) - GOOD OR BAD, let Us KNOW so we can let others know, period.

This LIST will start on 3/23/2022 @ 12 Noon (MST), USA - such Bank(s) or Credit Union(s) or Mortgage Company(ies) can only be SO LISTED from the Entire USA and/or Canada Only.

The List will be BROKE DOWN IN FOUR CATEGORY(IES), they are as listed below ONLY:




  • MISC, et al


Now a RACIST, in fact is someone or person(s) who either with or without malice aforethought, be it deliberate their Act(s), Action(s) as well as Inaction(s) is/are illegal and RACIST and so, they NEED to be place on the FRONT ROW NO MORE HIDING, the facts are the simple facts...either YOU stand against it and We will ask for some form of Evidence of this PROOF that YOU are NOT RACIST, and We will go back over 300 years, if required, so YOUR PAST is YOUR FUTURE.