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Money Shoppe Co (SM)    BEST O' THE BEST

Now We at Money Shoppe Co (SM) and its parent company Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) ... the so listed company or companies is/are the company/companies that in a word of advice  WORK and treat ALL with RESPECT, et al - NO MATTER YOUR SEXUALITY, POLITICAL STATUS, COLOR OF SKIN, RELIGION OR WHATEVER, ET AL/ETC.

Now this LIST is " N O T " a true endorsement of any person(s) alive or died working for or within the said company (ies) that includes 1099 worker(s) and/or contract worker(s) or those working at home, et al

Now if after, YOU and/or YOURS, see a listed company (ies) that is outright RACIST and/or HATEFUL please FLAG IT immediately and it will be REMOVED immediately, within 24 hours by OUR STAFF MEMBERS.

Now the NAACP(R), which is a NON - PROFIT COMPANY is " NOT " listed due to the fact it did violate OUR policy/policies based on the fact or facts of RACISM, et al when it allowed a person(s) use the N - Word, yet there is more to the STORY, so PLEASE check out the story on the TMZ(R) website @ www.TMZ.com and read all about it.



1.     Point Foundation (  LGBTQ+ Scholarship )

2.     ACLU(R)

3.       CNN(R)

4.        HRC(R)  (  LGBTQ+ Non - Profits Org. )   

5. TMZ(R) ( Online REAL and HONEST NEWS, etc ) 

6.    Short list MORE to come WE ARE still looking and RESEARCHING for the " BEST O' THE BEST and its " NOT " easy as one may think, but those so listed are ok, - We plan to list their website addresses for YOUR convenience. The list is forever growing...CHECK IT OUT!!!

7.     Janet Jackson & Michael Jackson ( King and Queen of POP)

   8.     Lady Gaga, Katy Perry & Ke$ha

9.      Trey Songz, Usher, Nelly & Maroon 5

10.     *NSYNC

11.     Britney Spears

12.     Backstreet Boys & Paramore

13.     MYA & 98 Degree(s)

14.     Destiny's Child , et al

15.     Adam Lambert

16.     Daughtry

Now there are more singers and song writers that are not listed but, they are the great ones, but if YOU know them PLEASE EMAIL Us @ moneyshoppeco@yahoo.com by 12/31/2021 and they will be placed on the list after they have been VETTED and PASSED OUR COMMITTEE(S) ... STAY TURNED FOR MORE TO COME!!!